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Welcome to Student Services


Staffed by trained personnel, the office is tasked to help the students in their educational, career, and personal-social concerns. 

The guidance program complements the curricular program.  Its main reason for existence is to plan and integrate every service with utmost concern to the holistic growth of the students with awareness that each program and activity would help the school to mold students to be active witness of Christ imbued with gospel values.

Students may avail of the services offered by this office which include the following:

Provide students with the opportunity for self-study, sound decision-making and resolution of problems through face-to-face helping relationship for their total growth as ideal Aranzans

Assess individual & group needs, intellectual functioning, skills, & interests through the use of standardized tests necessary for better self-understanding, the results of which are a source of valuable information to the counselors, teachers, parents & students themselves

Offer information dissemination programs in the vocational, educational, personal-social and spiritual dimensions of the students

Career Guidance
Assist & orient students in actively deciding on their careers & introducing them to the different college courses through enriching activities & programs integrated in the different guidance services

Individual Inventory
Gather & update pertinent information about the students that can lead towards greater understanding of child for better assistance

Placement & Follow-up
Include assistance for college admission and possible referral for professional help, as well as follow-up on graduates’ collegiate & professional status

Research & Evaluation
Gather information to be used for the continuous development of the students in the different areas of the educational program and To further improve the implementation of programs & to assess the tasks & performances for personal & professional development

Consultative services are available to teachers and parents as well



The student’s compliance of school rules and regulations and the prescription of necessary penalties for non-compliance are handled by the Office of the Prefect of Student.  OSA, on the other hand, looks after the extra-curricular activities of students for their wholesome physical growth and development so that venues can be provided, where students can creatively direct their energies, maximize the potentials, and participate actively in the internal process of human transformation.



This office provides information on admission, course requirements, transfers and graduation, transcript of records, certificates and diplomas, clearances certifications pertaining to academic records.


Spiritual growth and upliftment of the students with special focus/ concern on the integration of faith and life are handled by this office.  It also provides for the outreach programs of the school.



A clinic with medical and dental services is provided for and is open during class hours from Monday thru Friday and during official school activities.

Staffed with a physician, nurse and dentist, the medical and dental clinic responds to the health needs of the school community.



The Instructional Media Center coordinates teaching aids, provides the facilities and services for effective learning processes.  The main components are:

The library extends reading materials and services to all students.

Audio-Visual Room
Makes available equipment like television, VHS, tape recorder, and projector  services, Video Camera, Karaoke for the intellectual growth and development of the students.


Computer Laboratories

We have separate computer laboratories for the elementary and high school departments intended for hands-on exercises and training of students.  All computers in the high school department are networked with internet access.

Science Laboratory

The school maintains a fully-equipped, well-ventilated laboratory which provides services for the students in the high school department who perform experiments in their Science subjects.

Speech Laboratory

A state of the art laboratory to develop proficiency in Communication Arts (in speaking English).


Meals and snacks at reasonable prices are served in the canteens located at the ground floor  and at the 4th floor.  Every student is expected to help keep the canteen clean and sanitary and to observe the standards of behavior.



The gymnasium located at the 4th floor of the school building serves as appropriate venue for athletic activities, P.E. instructions, and other school or class programs.



Lockers are provided for and are rented for one school year.  Application forms can be secured from the Property Custodian Office.



The safety and protection of the life and property of students and staff is entrusted to this office.


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