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Safety Rules


All students are required to familiarize themselves with the safety rules of the school to avoid any injury or damage to life and property.


The school shall exercise due diligence in the selection and supervision of its academic and non - academic staff,  but   beyond this duty, it shall  not be liable for injuries to persons or damage to property arising from negligent or willful acts of its students and employees.  In no case shall the school be liable for injuries to persons or damage to property on the occasion of an activity not sanctioned in writing by the school authorities.



Loitering along corridors or hallways while classes are going on is prohibited.


When walking on stairways or hallways, students shall always keep to the right to insure orderly and easy flow of human traffic.  They should not joke or push each other; and do any act which will harm or tend to cause harm to themselves or to others.


In case of emergency, such as fire or earthquake, students and teachers should maintain presence of mind.  They should keep away from falling objects or debris or from live electric wires in case of fire of earthquake and from open spaces in case of bomb explosions on campus.  In case of earthquake, it is safer to stay under the table or similar equipment whenever available.



When classes are suspended by order of competent authorities, students should leave the school only when it is safe to do so.

According to DepEd guidelines, classes on the elementary and secondary levels shall be automatically suspended when signal No. 3 is raised.  The automatic suspension of classes does not apply to school personnel, including teachers.  The suspension of work by school personnel shall be at the discretion of the school Director/ Principal and in their absence, by the collegial decision of the Pre-school, Primary and Intermediate Chair.

Regardless of typhoon signals, classes may be suspended on any or all levels especially when
(1) prolonged flooding occurs in the school area; or  (2)other calamities  such as volcanic eruptions and earthquake have occurred.


In case of imminent danger to life or property from any cause, any student may ask, for aid and assistance from any school personnel.  No school personnel shall deny or cause to be denied any such assistance unless by so doing he unduly exposes himself to an equal or greater danger.

In case of illness or accident, the teacher should notify the Director or Principal as well as the parents, it they can be contacted. The child should be taken immediately to the school clinic or hospital whenever treatment other than first  aid is needed.


When riding or getting off the bus, in going to and returning from official off-campus activity, all students are required to exercise extreme care to avoid causing injury on themselves.  They should get on or get off the bus or car only if the vehicle has come to a complete stop and upon the instruction of the class adviser or chaperon.


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