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Nursery Students

1. To present models for imitation that will make the child see God as a Father and all peoples and things around him as gifts;

2. To employ learning experiences that will allow him to think and do things independently within the limits of his maturity;

3. To provide opportunities that will inspire him to practice desirable social behavior in his relation with other children as well as adults;

4. To help him, by use of experiential approaches, to manifest psychomotor coordination for effective performance befitting his age;

5. To provide learning opportunities that will allow him to manifest reading readiness in English and Filipino;

6. To give opportunities for learning that will enable him to add and subtract two digit numbers.


Elementary Students

1. To enable the child, by use of experiential approaches, to acknowledge God as the Father and Creator, Jesus as Brother and Redeemer, the Holy Spirit as Sanctifier, with Mary as Mother, and to recognize other persons as brothers and sisters in the Lord;

2. To provide the basic knowledge and develop the foundational skills, attitudes and values, including their moral and spiritual dimensions essential to a child’s personal growth necessary for living in and contributing to a developing and changing social milieu;

3. To employ learning experiences which will increase the child’s awareness of and proper response to the changes and just demands in society, and prepare him for constructive and effective involvement;

4. To promote and intensify the child’s knowledge of identification with, and love of country and the Filipino people to which he belongs;

5. To provide work experiences which develop and enhance the child’s orientation to the world of work, and creativity in order to prepare him to engage in honest gainful work.


High School Students

1. To make the student, by use of experiential approaches, to witness in his daily life a dynamic love of God, a sense of personal worth and respect for others with preferential love for the poor, that will enable him to relate harmoniously and effectively with his family, school, church and the country as a whole;

2. To develop an enlightened commitment to the national ideals by discerning, preserving, and developing desirable traditions and values of the Filipino heritage, particularly love of what is just, true, and noble;

3. To foster intellectual curiosity, analytical and logical thinking, and develop interests and aptitudes necessary for further formal studies in higher education and to choose a career wisely;

4. To encourage students to achieve academic excellence and to acquire skills, habits and desirable values to meet the demands of a changing society;

5. To help the students in identifying his vocational interests and develop them in order to become a worthy and effective member of the home and community;

6. To acquire productive and entrepreneurial skills, a work ethic, and occupational knowledge essential both for making an intelligent choice as regards one’s career and for specialized training in one’s occupation;

7. To help the students develop physical fitness, self-discipline and self-renewal in his day to day life, thus, heightening one’s abilities in and appreciation for the arts and sports.

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